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>>> making news in america this morning -- >> oprah's announcement. the media mogul's big decision about her future. sending shock waves through the tv business and millions of fans. >>> traffic tieups. the glitch that grounded planes from coast-to-coast. can it happen again? >>> and cancer confusion. changes for the way women are screened for the disease. >> it's november 20th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us on this friday. daytime tv viewers will soon have to get used to anfteron without oprah winfrey. the media icon will announce today that her daily talk show will end. >> it is watched by an estimated 42 million americans a week. and by people in 145 countries around t world. john hendren has details on today's announcement and what could be next. >> reporter: oprah era is nearly over. on friday's show, the queen of daytime television will announce the oprah winfrey show will end at the close of its 25th season, in september 2011. the syndicated talk show has made history, billions of dollars and huge ratings. with audience giveaways. >> you get a car. you
>>> making news in america this morning -- ? >> final session. after a ninth war council meeting, the president is ready to make a decision on afghanistan. >>> crib danger. the biggest recall ever after several children died. what parents need to look for. >>> and suffering in silence. doctors thought he was unconscious for two decades. but he was alert all along. >> it's tuesday, november 24th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. abc news learned overnight that president obama will announce his decision on whether to send more troops to afghanistan in a matter of days. >> that came after a final meeting of his war council in a rare, evening meeting in the situation room. here's our martha raddatz. >> reporter: since the end of august, the president has met week after week, to explore details of a plan that officials tell abc news will likely call for between 30,000 to 40,000 additional u.s. troops. and several thousand nato troops on top of that. >> this is the most thorough, the most sustained, the most thoughtful process i have ever seen. >> reporter: but fun
in america and around the grob. later, blood diamonds. campaigners say human rights abuses in zimbab we mean it should be kicked out of international gem markets. a booming oil business in texas and melting glaciers in the himalayas. two sides of the climate change debate. >> hello to ending weeks of uncertain, hamid karzai is declared the winner of afghanistan's election. with his only rival out of the race, the runoff triggered by first-round fraud has been abandoned but leaves a mess of questions unanswered. president obama has spoken to president karzai isaiah about corruption and about writing a new cheapter. the latest from washington in a moment. first this from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of kabul. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai, which got the majority of votes in the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections for afghanistan in 2009, be declared the elected president of afghanistan. >> the heads of the election board was besieged with questio
>>> making news in america this morning. >> state of emergency. the gulf coast gets ready for a rare november hurricane guaranteeing to bring high winds and flooding. but where while ida strike? >>> in mourning, a shaken army base prepares to say good-bye as new questions arise about whether the accused shooter knew some of the 9/11 hijackers. >>> and 20 years later looking back on the demise of the berlin wall on this monday, november 9th, 2009. >>> good morning, and thanks for being with us on this monday morning. for millions of residents along the gulf coast it's been a quiet hurricane season until now. >> now ida is forecast to become the first hurricane of the year to hit the u.s. this morning, ida is packing winds of 90 miles an hour as it travels northwestern in the gulf. viviana hurtado has a look at some of the damage it has already done. >> reporter: the makeshift homes in el salvador were no match for ida's fury. heavy rainfall triggered mudslides killing more than 100 people. dozens are missing. in cancun, signs of ida include rough waters and empty streets an
>>> good morning, america. it's monday, november 16th and overnight, the president champions freedom for chinese students, even touting twitter. the chinese government blocks the show from chinese tv. >>> really going rogue. sarah palin and a war of words with the mccain camp. they fire back at her this morning as she appears all week on abc news. >>> sidekick to a killer? did major hasan have an apostle? we track the odd cast of characters with him before the ft. hood massacre and abc news investigates. >>> is it justice. the parents of a murdered tv news anchor react to the jurors who spared her killer's life. a "gma" exclusive. >>> and viagra for women? the new pill doctors say may be the new rage for the other sex. and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts. happy to begin a new week. overnight the president took questions from the chinese students and challenged his chinese hosts about free speech. >> chinese censureship dominated the conversation on the president's first trip to china also trying to push them with global problems. a tricky balance. he kn
. welcome to bbc world news. forecasting to viewers in america and around the globe. my name is mike hembley. >> blood diamonds -- human rights abuses in zimbabwe mean it should be kicked out of international gem markets. >> a booming oil business in texas and melting glasses in the him lay yeas. we'll be looking at two sides of the climate change debate. >> hello -- ending weeks of uncertainty, hamid karzai has been declared the winner of afghanistan's presidential election. with his only rival out of the race -- has been abandoned but it leaves mr. karzai even weaker than before and a mass of questions unanswered. president obama has phoned him and warned him that corruption must be tackled. the latest from washington in just a moment. first the bbc's ian panel from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment. and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bull. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai has gotten the majority of votes i the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections of afghanistan in 2009, be dec
that we were going to make our products, our strings in america. we are still committed to that. we have never sold one string we didn't make here in new york. >> they have one of u.s. manufactu manufactures that have adopted the lean theory. they plan to do so or have implemented it. critics say the automation eliminates jobs. he says the replaced workers can be cross trained to do other jobs. >> we do not want to play people off because lean has been effective. that is not going to help people embracing lean or help our company or our community. what we are trying to do is take those people and train them to do something else. >> reporter: like work in the guitar strap division, part of a company he acquired several years ago. those jobs were previously in china. today, long island. economists say other companies can position themselves to bring jobs home. >> lean manufacturing makes it possible to create products in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done
bieber is rocking times square. >>> very exciting. good morning, america. >> good morning. sunday, november 15th, 2009, and bieber fever is here officially. they are in the studio. they have been lining up all morning long to see him. lucky few got to see the arrival a few minutes ago. we have the red carpet. that's really something. >> it really is. it is very sweet to see those fans out there. we just learned from the cdc that the bieber fever vaccine is delayed another month. he's the newest thing. >>> a heartwarming story, a woman was kidnapped more than 50 years ago, taken halfway across the country. recently tracked down her long-lost siblings. this morning, we'll reunite them for the first time. right here >> it's an unbelievable story. they have not met until now. on tv. >>> we also have a great weekend adventure. everybody else has ten their turn. now it's your turn. >> a little motorcycle ride. last ride of the season before winter comes in. one of the true mythical roads in this country. deep in the smokey mountains. had a good time. we'll share that with you coming up.
to viewers in america and arou the globe. my ne is me hembl. >> bloodiamonds -- human rights abus inzimbabwe mean should beicked out of internatiol gem markets. >> a booming oil busiss in texas andelting glasses inhe him lay yea we'll be looking at two sides of the climate chang debate. >> hello -- ending wes of unceainty, hamid karzai has been declared the winner of afghanistan's presidential ection. with h only rival out of the race -- has been abaoned but it leaves mr. karzaieven weaker than before and a mass of questions unanswered. president obama has phod him and warne him that corruption must be tkled. the latestrom washington in just aoment. first the bbc's ian pal from kabul. >> it's cost mllions of punds and dozens of livesto get to th moment. and i came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bu. >> we declare that mr. hamid kari has gotten the majority votes in t first round and he is the only candidate for the cond roun of elecons of afghanian in 2009, be declar as elected pesident of afgnistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questns about fraud, crruptio
dedicated funding to cover all of new york city's added security costs? >> i think that is fair. america was attack on september the 11th. that was of national consequence. although the trial will be hosted in new york, it seems to me that new york should not bear the burden alone. this is a national -- >> so you will recommend, and i presume, fight for these funds from omb which we know sometimes has other things on its mind. >> with your help -- >> you have my full and undivided help. i just don't want mayor bloomberg, the commissioner. they didn't make the decision, but they stepped up to the plate and willingly agreed. i don't think either they or new york city, new york state should be left hanging out there paying any of the costs of this, and i take it you fully agree with that. >> i don't disagree with that at all. >> okay. second question, and just one other thing on this. there may be other costs that we can't envision, and i take it we're wanot going to find someby saying this wasn't in an original application or on an original request. i take it there will be flexibility and
and the horse and buggies early in the morning. >> i got out and saw america too. >> what did you see? >> i walked from the upper west side to the upper east side. kind of crazy over there. >> did you? i didn't even get that far. >> took kate ice skating. it was a lot of fun. i saw all sides of america. >> i'm sure you did. it is good to be back. >> have you ever been over to the east side? >> no. what's it like? >> it's a strange land. >> it is. >> it's a strange, strange land. >> we have an interesting panel this morning. willie is here. chrystia is back there pimping. >> and also stephen a. smith in philadelphia is with us. we're going to be talking about this tiger story. i have to say, willie, leave him alone. he has all these endorsements. it's important. there's nothing on the sleeve of golf balls that says, if you buy these golf balls, you get to figure out what's going on with tiger's life. >> the story is a bit suspicious. he's the most marketable athlete in the world. what does that mean for him? think about kobe bryant. he allegedly did something worse than this. >> he was frame
is a suggestion from sir peter rickets that in america, for cybill, they were talking about regime changed two years before the war. can you shed any light on that? >> he said there were voices in washington talking about regime change early on. one of the witnesses was asked about the attitude and approach in britain. he said that no one had suggested regime change in government here at that early stage. bear in mind that the iraq conflict began in the early part of 2003. we're talking about almost a couple of years before that. we have not yet begun talking about the long and intense debate in the latest ages of 2002 that led to resolution 1441. >> there have been two earlier inquiries in britain. in what sense do you think this one will be different? >> the previous inquiries dealt with specific aspects of the iraq conflict. this is meant to be a comprehensive and wide-ranging inquiry that takes in everything about the iraq conflict over an eight-year period. there was pressure on the government to call a definitive inquiry. the government made it clear it would only happen after british op
political characters. john kennedy and richard nixon were two of the most brilliant political minds america produced in the '60s. nixon was on the national ticket five times and won four of the five times, and last i checked that's one of the best batting averages of anybody who's run for the american presidency. and, of course, john kennedy becoming the first and only roman catholic president in american history is an interesting story in and of itself. secondly, it was an extraordinarily close election. kennedy won by just a tick or two over 100,000 votes out of the tens of millions that were cast, so it was extraordinarily close. it was also, i argue, really the first modern campaign when you think about pollsters, you think about use of media, you think of mass buying of advertising. and when you think about religion as a political force, you add owl -- all those things together, and many things we take for granted today in many ways began in that 1960 election, so i think it's the beginning of modern political campaigns. but it was also what i call the lahr value stage of the religious
. and the result has left scientists baffled. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, november 28th. >> happy to have david muir along with us this morning. bill's been working really hard. and he started to feel a little under the weather. >> sleeping it off this morning. good to have you with us. >>> the morning papers, we were talking about this morning. tiger woods, what exactly happened over the weekend. the 2:30 in the morning accident. a lot of questions surrounding him. >> he seems to be okay. it was minor. we'll get all the details. >>> if you're one of the estimated 100 million people hitting the stores today, are you crazy? just kidding. some of the deals out there may seem too good to pass up. maybe you should pass them up toda we'll tell you which items will likely be even cheaper the closer we get to christmas. and which ones you should run out and get right now. >> it's hard to know. >>> also this morning, you remember that northwest flight that overshot the minneapolis airport by a lot, 150 miles. thisorning, for the first time, we hear what was going on in the
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, november 23rd, the radiation scare at the three mile island nuclear plant. 150 workers evacuated and we're live on the scene to tell you how it happened. >>> senate showdown on health care. this time, will the democrats fight each other? will they wrap it up by christmas? we have some answers on health care this morning. >>> the doctor in the michael jackson case goes back to work today seeing patients and a tearful show of support. >>> and television without oprah? gayle king is here to tell us why her best friend decided to end the 25-year reign of her show. >>> and "twilight" mania, gigantic box office, young girls and their moms. does this prove no sex is really what sells? and good morning, america. welcome to thanksgiving week. diane sawyer here with robin roberts. and we have been talking about that radiation leak on three mile island that caused real concern over the weekend. >> real panic in some ways. 20 workers were exposed to radiation and had to be decontaminated. while the company in charge says the public was never in any
. a call for everyone all over america to get involved in their communities. >> and we're doing that here at john mcdonough high school, a school locate in the seventh ward of new orleans. for than four years later, this school is still reeling from hurricane katrina, including a desperate need for funds to fix the roof in the auditorium, where things are so bad the school can't even hold assemblies there on days it rains because of leaks. >> despite the obstacles, we can tell you this is a great school with great kids. this past summer, over 90% of the senior class graduated, a huge success for the school. i was talking to julie reed before hand, and she talked about there are ways that katrina actually brought hope to this city. we're going to talk about those ways, very positive development. >> certainly some great stories out of that as well. all morning long, you'll see volunteers from great roots, like volunteers painting a mural, something the kids here specifically asked for. and they did that because it shows that someone cares enough to take the time to do it. >> we're going to
and on "america this morning" and "good morning america" today on abc news. >>> tomorrow, house democrats plan to vote on their trillion dollar health care reform bill. they also claim they have enough support to pass it. one thing is clear, opponents are not going down without a fight. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the town hall fury of august has come to capitol hill. >> madam speaker, throw out this bill! >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators rallied on the capitol steps and stormed the halls of congress, ripping up pages of the democratic health care plan and chanting "kill the bill." several were arrested near speaker pelosi's office. and outside, defiant house republican leaders. >> this bill is the greatest threat to freedom that i have seen in the 19 years i've been here in washington. >> not one republican will vote for this bill. >> reporter: and angry protesters. >> this health care bill, it's a disaster. 2,000 pages of crap. >> i don't believe that i should have to take care of somebody else's health. take care of your own health. >> it's going to devastate america. >> repor
against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over its nuclear program. many of the hostage-takers, then declared heroes by ayatollah khomenei, are now challenging the rnlg jet stream. some are in jail for supporting the green movement of mousavi. protesters who have come out sporadically since the summer are planning to turn out despite government threats of a swift crackdown. 30 years after the embassy takeover, iran is still a complex picture in some degree of turmoil. jeremy and vinita? >> thanks to lara setrakian. >>> three college softball players have been found dead in north dakota. the three young women had made a cryptic call for help sunday night. that call was traced to a cell tower and an aerial search revealed their car at the bottom of a pond. the father of one of the women said they liked to drive out to look at the stars. detectives say they do not suspect foul play. >>> police have released some new images of the missing girl from written. madeline mccann. they are part of a just-released one-minute film about the girl who disappeared in may of 2007. den an
minds and america produced in the 1960s. nixon was on the national ticket five times, and won four out of the five times. the last i checked that's a pretty good batting average is. of course, john kennedy to come in the first and only roman catholic president in american history is a very interesting story in and of itself that it was an extraordinarily close election. kennedy won the election by just a tick or two over 100,000 votes out of the tens of millions that were cast. it was extraordinarily close. it was also really the first modern campaign when you think about pollsters, you think about use of media. you think of mass buying of advertising. and when you think about religion as a political force, you add all those together and many things we take for granted in our races today, began in mid- 1960 election. i think it's the beginning of modern political presidential campaigns. but it was also what i call the larva stage of the religious right in the united states. if you look at who the players were among conservative protestants in 1960, you see some of the leading lights of
individualing with america's largest creditor. >>> fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> starting you off with a nice view from up above. it is monday morning, november 16th, 2009. temperatures in the low 50s right now. should bounce up nicely. good morning and thanks for joininus. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast. >>> but first redskins fans have a win to cheer about. >> the redskins able to get the best of a bronco squad. denver up by 3 at the half. but the skins tied it up in the fourth and final score 27-17. dave ross will have more on the victory coming up in our monday morning quarterback. >>> now i wanted to ask this question, i wanted to call tony to see if he watched the game and sort of -- woo hoo, my skins. >> i did. and they looked like an nfl team. and i did watch the last part of the game. >> you might be the x factor, tony. >> it was just after somebody called and said they are winning. >> i was out and about with my son and listening on the radio and i was like, they're doing something. and it was fun to watch when i got home.
>>> good morning, america. on this thursday, november 19th, republicans call for a health care holy war? after senate democrats produce their plan for reform. will it be a showdown and a vote by christmas? >>> top secret torture center. abc news uncovers one of the cia's hidden sites for interrogating terrorists. >>> center of the storm. one of the doctors who called for those mammogram changes here to defend the decision in an exclusive interview. >>> can we handle the truth about movie popcorn? a new study shows a medium popcorn and a soda delivers three days' worth of fat and more. we'll show you. >>> and personal decision in the public eye. we remember her as chastity, the daughter of sonny and cher. she is now chaz living life as a man. this morning here live with the story behind the decision and the transformation. >>> and we welcome all of you. good to be with you. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts and it was the ordinarily restrained republican senator orrin hatch who said this is going to be a holy war as they entered the final phase of health care reform. >> a measure o
, but harmful. he says the president just doesn't look at america the way most americans do. that obama's overseas trips have been very upsetting. he says the reason the attorney general decided to try those 9/11 terrorists up in new york was for propaganda purposes. here he is. >> i can't, for the life of me, figure out what holder's intent here in terms of having khalid shaikh mohammed tried in civilian court, other than to have some kind of show trial here. they'll simply use it as a platform to argue their case. they don't have a defense to speak of. it will be a place for them to stand up and spread the terrible ideology that they adhere to. >> it sounds like he is always going to burp at any moment. anyway, could it be that the obama administration has a different set of values than dick cheney does? does every political difference has been to be harmful, upsetting and evil? >>> next up, al gore showed up on "snl" this weekend to debut a new strategy on climate change. >> i think it is crazy our politicians are more worried about the climate crisis. it's time for us to outcrazy th
tells "good morning america" she believes the drug saved his life. her child is autistic. a doctor prescribed the treatment, one small browny every few days. she says she has to do something because her son was losing weight and behavior increasingly self-destructive. listen. >> he was extremely aggressive. he would run out of our home. >> he was a danger? >> yes. a danger to himself and others. >> and how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> with hours. with hours he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> i know, but listen -- listen to the other side. all right jt a child psychologist tells abc marijuana can trigger mental disorrers in children saying there is no evidence that has any positive effect on autism. >>> if you have a facebook account, listen up. why 0 woman 7 vacation pictures on facebook may have caused her to lose her insurance benefits. >>> listen to this. a canadian woman's facebook page may have caused her to lose some insurance benefits. she was getting sick leave payments for depression. she
. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access because we believe in the strength of american businesses. ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening. right now. immune plus shot. this little shot is more like a big shot of-- (dog barking) ...for your immune system. feel the-- (dog barking) feel the good >>> 12 minutes past the hour. we do have some breaking news to tell you about. another pir rat attack off the coast of africa. they hijacked a super tanker carrying crude oil from the saud die arabia to the u.s. 800 miles off the coast when it was attacked with 28 crew members. it is believed to be the second somali attack. when you take a look how far away 800 miles off the coast it shows you how p
, and an attorney for one of the 9/11 terrorists wants to use his trial as a platform to criticize america. former governor and presidential candidate, howard dean will be along. and the wild card independent from vermont, burny sanders. he says no yes vote for him. and plus, congressman tom rooney who worked as a jag officer will say if the shootings at ft. hood was a terrorists attack. this is the "morning meeting." welcome to it. lots to get to this morning. here is the panel hoping to break it all down. savannah guthrie, and jim miklaszewski, and then jonathan capehart, and then margaret carlson here for the hour, and political columnists for bloomberg news, and steven dubner, and we will talk job creation for him later in the show. first up, the senate sweeteners to get health care over to the next bill. and long time holdout, mary landrieu getting money to help louisiana pay for the poor. and then she said, what the heck, it's a yes vote. and then favor trading. not a new thing in washington, d.c. put it in context? >> reporter: what is interesting, it's a $300 million vote that only gets yo
i believe are pending. >> -- followed by the national anthem of the united states of america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> prime minister singh, members of the indian delegation, on behalf of michelle and myself, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the white house. on behalf of the american people, it is my great honor to welcome you to the united states. mr. prime minister, yours is the first official state visit of my presidency, and it is fitting that you and india be so recognized. this visit reflects the high esteem in which i and the american people hold your wise leadership. it reflects the abiding bonds of respect and friendship between our people, including our friends in the indian-american community, who join us here today. but above all, your visit at this pivotal moment in history speaks to the opportunity before us, to build the relationship between our nations, born in the last century, into one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. for while our two nations have taken different paths to reach this moment, ours is a common st
a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >>> a maryland mosque is one the federal government is trying to seize tonight. the islamic education center is part of a case against a foundation, an organization believed to be funneling money to the iranian government. the foundation also owns more than 100 acres of land in virginia, a skyscraper in manhattan. those would also be seized. >>> we're learning more tonight about d.c. sniper john muhammad's family after his execution. his ex-wife says her children went into separate rooms and cried when his death was announced tuesday. mildred muham
were told to go home. the attack happened at the young america works charter school in northwest d.c. john henrehan is live with more on this developing story, john? >> officers and investigators are here. there are six cruisers here still. neighbors tell me the charter school that is located in the old industrial building often draws police officers. the problem is fights ang studentsnd usually that happens outside. today, the fight was inside the school and it was a pretty serious one. because the initial calls were -- violence in a d.c. school building, the police response to chill in place in northeast washington was substantial. the charter school, which is free to city residents, specializes in vocational training, for careers in healthcare, construction, and music and sound. the students here attend classes year round and many participate in paid internships. according to witnesses around 1:30 in the afternoon, two teenage boys, both students here, became involved in a loud fight in the hallway. punches were thrown and witnesses say the 11th grade boy pulled out a knife and
their religious part of their message but early on they were one of the strongest anti-catholic voices in america and they went all in in in the end they worked with the nixon campaign against him so i will cover the two basic things i learned as we go through that campaign. i'm going to read a couple of passages some point you to three scenes and we will see how far we get that one has to do with billy graham's work on behalf of nixon and kennedy. the second one is a vignette from kennedy's used in speech where there was this crisis in the campaign greifeld lucky heads is the confronted a group of protestant ministers and went to houston and the last one is set in nashville, tennessee where one of the most prominent clergymen, baxter was an icon in the church of christ preached an anti-catholic sermon and hattie congressman rebutter this armand immediately after was delivered which you can imagine both had front-page stories on monday, just the average is violation of all kinds of southern taboos and rebutting an iconic on his own pulpit was quite extraordinarily so i will probably do that one.
>>> making news in america this morning. >> deep division. senators take sides in the debate over health care reform. >> a show of military force is under way right now in iran. more games. sending a strong message to israel and the u.s. >>> whitney's return. ♪ ♪ you know i survive -- >> a major pfoance for a struggling star who collects a top award at the american music awards. >>> it's monday, november 23rd, 2009. >> and we'll get to whitney and other award winners in a bit but first on this monday a look at health care. democrats won't have long to savor their weekend victory. >> they managed to get the bill to the full senate sometime after thanksgiving but the battle lines are already being drawn over what's in the bill. by a 60-39 vote in weekend senate democrats advanced health care legislation and took one giant step forward toward president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it, that there be a free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> rep
. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> robin, republicans are saying a civilian trial will also give these alleged terrorists the public platform that they want. >> aside from the political debate, a civilian trial will also have some, i would imagine, major security implications. >> rudy giuliani who was new york's mayor on 9/11 says holding this trial there would cost too much and put unnecessary stress on police. take a listen. >> anyone that tells you this doesn't create additional security problems, of course, isn't telling you the truth. the best indication of it is look at the additional security that will be employed when this happens. that also happens to cost millions and millions of dollars. all of which will be worth it if there was no other choice. >> force prosecutors to reveal sensitive information about sensitive information that they could use to their advantage. dozens of suspects were tried in civilian court during the bush administration. robin? >> thank you. >>> j
missed me! ah! >> it's going to devastate america. >> reporter: the hastily planned protest true one of the largest crowds in memory for a congressional event. the crowd extends all the way up around to the house side of the capitol building, across to the senate side, literally surrounding the western front of the capitol. while republicans protested, president obama touted two big endorsements of the health care bill. from the aarp and the american medical association. >> i urge congress to listen to aarp, listen to the ama, and pass this reform for hundreds of millions of americans. >> health care for all! >> reporter: much smaller numbers, pro health care reform protesters. >> shame on senator lieberman! >> reporter: were arrested for occupying the office of democrat joe lieberman who said he may join republican efforts to kill the senate bill. speaker of the house pelosi is hoping those ama and aarp endorsements will help her pass the democratic bill in the house by this weekend. but they still don't have the votes yet to do that in an effort to help get them there, presiden
usually protest against the revolution's old enemy: america. but these demonstrators are doing the opposite: protesting against their own regime and then running away with notorious basij militia, armed with batons and riot shields, in hot pursuit. the police had warned reformists not to exploit this anniversary. but it didn't work, so they moved in hitting this man on the pavement, and beating women. one is hit to the ground. a man who tries to intervene is dragged away by the hair. and then a woman takes her life into her own hands. >> ( translated ): there were many injured ladies who were hit very severely. they even followed people into residential buildings, i saw them forcing locks and breaking glass. the issue has changed. it is not about the election any more. it is about freedom of expression. >> reporter: the protesters fought back by filming what they could; and what they've posted on the internet contradicts the official version of events. outside the old u.s. embassy there was the traditional revolutionary rally. thousands of students were bussed in and shouted "d
, across america 94% of markets are not competitive. we need real competition to lower costs. we need the choice of a public health insurance option. >>> and the election results are in as republicans take new jersey and virginia but lose a close race in new york. we'll have the very latest. >>> plus, our time machine takes us back to tv's longest running prime time soap. >> richard and i have been to bed together. >> we'll have a "knots landing" reunion. and we're so excited -- ♪ and i just can't hide it, and i know, i know, i know i want you ♪ >> the pointer sisters will perform their break out hit early this wednesday morning, november 4th, 2009. >> very enthusiastic crowd out here today. right? >> it's a great time. >> and i think part of it is they have the time machine buzz. i've got a serious case of the time machine buzz. >> without a doubt. and you haven't even been traveling in it. it's amazing. if i had the room, i'd take you all in the time machine. look at this machine. >> i want to go there. >> you would go there? all right. maybe i'll take someone in with me. >> it'
a person could have, stand in the well of the house of representatives of the united states of america and address this august body. it's a privilege i shall always remember and always remember this particular moment. allow me a moment, if i might, of personal privilege, to introduce my wife of almost 44 years, patty. she's delighted to return to her old stomping grounds as deputy director of the foreign agriculture service in the department of agriculture. we have with us our six children. they are in the gallery. and i think all of you may have seen six of our nine grandchildren. a couple that are testing the h 1. n 1. -- h1n1 vaccine back home in california. madam speaker, if i might just tell what you a great privilege it is for me to be here. i look forward to working with all of you on the floor that are here and that are not here today. we have many, many issues that i would look forward to addressing. i want to congratulate my opponent in the primary, david harmer, ran a very solid and fortunately for me unsuccessful race, but nonetheless a very solid race and a very good perso
, can you think of a better way for america to say no to continuing the war in afghanistan than to charge them in attacks? michael is calling us from texas. michael, i understand you think the congressman is on the right track? >> caller: yes. i definitely think he's on the right track. in fact, this is the same idea that i had years ago had we got into the situation where we're in two different wars yet we have tax cuts in america which had never been done in the past during war. i think this is a great idea. it forces every american to understand there's a financial cost to fighting our two wars. currently we're putting the cost on our children and the common american off the street they don't feel like there's really a burden on them unless they have a family member. >> michael, thank you for your phone call. apologize for that poor connection. the gist of what michael was say, in case you couldn't make it out that well, he does support the tax to fund the war as opposed to putting a burden on future generations. michael, thanks for your phone call. jump in on my facebook pag
: rihanna told her horrific story to diane sawyer earlier tonight on abc's "2020." "good morning america" showed portion of the interview early this morning. >> listening to her voice, it was shaking at times. you knew how painful it was for her to recount this. >> reporter: the a-list couple were attending pre-grammy parties. but things took a violent turn. the two were driving in brown's rented lamborghini when rihanna says she saw a text message that a woman had sent chris brown. >> i couldn't take that he kept lying to me, he couldn't take that i wouldn't drop it. it escalated in him being violent towards me. and it was ugly. >> reporter: ugly is an understatement. police documents say that during the argument, brown punched rihanna, shoved her head against window, bit her, placed her in a headlock and told her, quote, now i'm really going to kill you. >> he had no, no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. my next option was to get out of the car and walk, start walking in a gown and a bloody face. >> reporter: rihanna was
as the latest movie in the "twilight" series debuts across america. our i-reporters are sharing their movie reviews with us. hear what they have to say about "new moon." >>> we're getting late word that protests at california universities have taken a new turn as police clear out angry students who took over a campus building three days ago. but protests over rising fees don't show any signs of ending soon. >>> plus, the fight to pull people out of the ocean after a ferry packed with hundreds of passengers sinks. >>> and one step closer to health care reform. what's next on washington's agenda for that bill? thanks for joining us at hln. i'm holly firfer. we start on the campus of the university of california santa cruz, where that student takeover of the campus building has ended peacefully. about 70 students avoided arrest when they surrendered ker hall. the students had taken over the administration building three nights ago after the regents board approved a 32% increase in fees. a school spokesman says campus police presented the protesters with an ultimatum, vacate the building or fac
behind 9/11. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> we shouldn't close guantanamo for the purposes of these types of terrorists. basically, we're dealing here with people who have committed acts of war against us. they shouldn't be tried in our criminal justice system, they should be tried in our military justice system. it's absolutely inexcusable to try these people. that's why we have such a system. >> critics are also concerned about security. rudy giuliani who was new york's mayor on 9/11 said holding the troil there would cost too much and put unnecessary stress on police. >> anyone that tells you that this doesn't create additional security problems, of course, isn't telling you the truth. the best indication of it is look at the additional security employed when this happens. that also happens to cost millions and millions of dollars. all of which will be worth it if there were no other choice. >> critics say a public trial would force prosecutors to reveal sens
the bill is not good for america or any of us in congress or those standing for re-election. >> reporter: another democratic senator who hasn't announced her vote is mary landrieu. she's working with staff, going through the 2000 plus page health care bill. one thing she'll find is this, a sweetener they found to help persuade her. $100 million in medicaid assistance. still struggling from katrina. she's concerned about the cost of the party's health care bill. still, she seems to be leaning toward voting for starting debate. it's why democratic leadership sources are going from cautious to confidence that they will get the 60 votes needed to start debate. richard and betty. >> there's wrinkles buried in the senate bill. it's a 5% tax on cosmetic surgeries. it includes botox and breast implants. it's a discriminatory tax for women and cosmetic procedures. they say it will bring in $6 billion in ten years. >> it's the day after oprah winfrey's announcement she's moving on. people are shocked her show is coming to an end. >> so many people identify with her. her syndicated show, september
the house has passed? >> i am very concerned about the direction is going to take health care in america. i think it is one giant step towards complete government takeover of health care, and i were at the grassroots of america, where most of the people are, and i heard the word health care reform, and i saw the house passed that bill by a narrow margin, i would think it is going to do a lot of things about keeping costs down, but when you get into that bill, you find out that it is going to have taxes go up. it is going to have big medicare cuts in it. it is going to have premiums going up. all contrary to what i think americans expect when they hear the words "healthcare reform." it does nothing for those things, and worse yet, they say costs $1 trillion. frankly, the only way they get the congressional budget office to score this is they have four of -- four years of tax increases and in six years of programs at the 10 years that the cbo looks ahead, but if you take the years 2013 to 2023, at 10-year window, you find out that this is many times over $1 trillion being spent on health care
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